Chandravansi group of institutions run by Ramchandra Chandravansi Welfare Trust (RCWT) has an inspiring journey since its inception in (2006). Starting with two institutions in 2002, the group has grown into an educational hub with 15 institutions in various fields providing excellent opportunity to the young minds to fulfil their ambitions. Whether it is technical/medical education, degree college, B.Ed./M.Ed. studies or school for boys and girls, the RCWT has always endeavoured to fulfil the need of the aspiring minds in the backward/deprived region of Palamu, Garhwa and large swath of adjoining areas of UP, Chhatisgarh and Bihar. At RCWT, we believe that education is not complete without simultaneous development of both body and mind. To this end, we have developed extensive infrastructure at Bisrampur including a stadium and other compatible facilities catering to Co-curricular activities for all-round development of the young.

Our sustained and sincere efforts in building an excellent educational hub in one of the backward regions of our country have been recognised and we are very proud of being bestowed the responsibility of managing a University. With these few words, I wish to welcome the new batch of students who aspire to come here to build a bright future for themselves and their families.